Jodo and Iaido examinations – REGISTRATION CLOSED

Date of examinations Jodo June 28, Iaido June 29. 

Last day for application: Jodo & Iaido May 29.

Location: Falkhallen, Falkenberg

Swedish participants: bring Budopass.

Swedish participants: Photos: Those who are to graduate to 1 dan are to bring two photos of the type used in passports. The registration will not be accepted without photos.

All participants bring the EKF Yellow Card. If you have a Yellow Card, this should be showed at registration. If you do not have a Yellow Card, please bring a copy of your latest graduation diploma.

Participants except the swedish: Bring or send in advance (by e-mail) the permission to do examination from your countrys federation.

All participants: Spelling: When you fill out the form below, please make sure to spell your name correctly; the diplomas can be printed in advance and the spelling on the application will be used.

Confirmation: You will receive confirmation by e-mail a directly (autmomatically). Please review the information therein for accuracy and let us know if something is incorrect. (

Payment: In cash (SEK) at graduation location.

Fees: 4-1 kyu: 150 SEK (diploma and registration fee)

1 dan application fee 150 SEK, registration fee 200 SEK

2 dan application fee 200 SEK, registration fee 300 SEK

3 dan application fee 300 SEK, registration fee 500 SEK

4 dan application fee 500 SEK, registration fee 700 SEK

5 dan application fee 700 SEK, registration fee 1000 SEK